The Observatory: Catacombs - The Concert

The Observatory: Catacombs - The Concert
20 Apr 2012 to 21 Apr 2012


The Substation Theatre, 45 Armenian Street


The heart and soul of The Observatory is in its constant reinvention.  With each release, the members have persisted in their experimental take on the pop songform.  In 10 years, The Observatory has gone from folk electronica to prog to avant rock, approaching a more primal, new dark wave sound with their fifth album, CATACOMBS. Putting preoccupations about genre aside, The Observatory explores music that’s texturally complex, viscerally emotional and splintering in its bleakness.  A study in delusion, insanity and obsession, CATACOMBS provokes and inspires in a deeply enigmatic way. Even at its coldest and most abstract, it is human to the core.

If you’re ready to face a few demons, catch this 2-night performance by The Observatory as they present defining new songs off CATACOMBS for the first time to an audience.

Price: $18