Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar

Laurent's Cafe & Chocolate Bar

Address: 80 Mohamed Sultan Road, #01-11 The Pier @ Robertson Singapore 239013
Contact: (+65) 6235 9007

Operating Hours:
Mon: 6pm - 11pm
Tue - Thu: 1pm - 12 midnight
Fri & Sat: 1pm - 1am
Sun: 1pm - 11pm

Formerly known as The Chocolate Factory, the newly renamed Laurent’s Café & Chocolate Bar is set amid a sea of cookie-cutter eateries. It stands distinct from the rest for its fresh, light and vibrant energy coupled with a thread of cosiness that practically sweeps you in. With just the right ambience to sit back, relax and enjoy a beverage of choice, the patrons who loyally return do so only for one reason… chocolate.

Having started the business with his wife Iveta just last year, the motivation behind the café is to offer a range of chocolates and desserts worthy of culinary exclamation. With 20 years of culinary experience, chocolate is a craft of quality that he has near perfected - in essence, it is the physical manifestation of both passion and years of experiment and practice. Each indulgent piece of chocolate is painstakingly developed and moulded with love and creativity. And each one is unique in itself, with a multitude of flavours cultivated from a variety of sources. View Fullscreen Map


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