Khmer Delight Cambodian Restaurant

Khmer Delight Cambodian Restaurant

Address: 922 East Coast Road Singapore 459114
Contact: (+65) 6449 1529

Operating Hours:
Daily: 12pm - 11pm

The One and Only Cambodian Restaurant In Singapore
Khmer Delight aims to serve authentic and contemporary Cambodian cuisine to our customers. At the same time, it also aims to promote Cambodian culture and add an additional highlight to the tourism in Singapore.

A small and cosy restaurant, with touches of Cambodian feel, families can dine in feeling right at home.

Cambodian Cuisine
Cambodian food is closely related to the cuisines of neighboring Thailand and Laos and, to a lesser extent, Vietnam, but there are some distinct local dishes. The overall consensus is that Khmer cooking is like Thai without spicy. Curries, stir fried vegetable, rice, noodles and soups are staples of Khmer diet.

Khmer food is one of the major national identities that reflect the ways of life, thought, and mind of the Cambodian people which are hidden in the taste of consumption of meat dishes and sweet food. Cambodia has been rich in a variety of plants and crops since ancient times so that we could cook many types of food suitable for each group of different people. View Fullscreen Map


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