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Peranakan Museum
Address: 39 Armenian Street
Contact: (+65) 6332 7591 / (+65) 6332 2982
Operating Hours: Monday: 1pm to 7pm
Tuesday - Sunday: 9.30am to 7pm (to 9 pm on Fridays)

Visit the Peranakan Museum to learn about the fascinating culture of the Straits Chinese. 'Peranakan', meaning 'locally born' in Malay, is a rich and unique culture that evolved from as early as the 14th Century. Evolving from intermarriages with foreign traders, Peranakan culture is not only a hybridisation of various cultures, but also a unique culture with its own distinct taste and traditions.

Located at 39 Armenian Street, the Peranakan Museum is the latest extension of the Asian Civilisations Museum, which takes an engaging and comprehensive look at this highly elaborate culture. The museum is not only remarkably thorough in covering all aspects of this intricate culture from marriage ceremonies, traditional costumes to feasting, but also explores the variations between the different types of Peranakans - namely the Peranakan Chinese, Chitty Melaka and Jawi Peranakans - each type slightly differing from one another.

The Peranakan Chinese are descendants of Chinese traders who settled in Malacca and around the coastal areas of Java and Sumatra, whose ancestry can be traced back to as early as the 14th century. By the 19th Century, most Peranakan Chinese could be found along the commercialised ports of Penang and Singapore. The Chitty Melaka, or Peranakan Indians, descended from unions between South Indian Hindu merchants and local women, while Jawi Peranakans (or Jawi Pekan) descend from intermarriages between South Indian Muslim traders and local women located around Penang.

While the museum's interactive media should enable visitors to navigate around with ease, guided tours are also available by request at the front desk. Read up about the history of the Peranakan Chinese, and learn more about their culture at the second level, where four galleries have been set aside for the different aspects of their unique weddings. Traditionally, Peranakan weddings are a 12-day affair and visitors will learn about the rituals involved, including the meaning of the coming of age ritual and the exchanging of gifts.

Do check out the complimentary Friday Night Special Tours which are themed differently throughout the year for an extra insight into the traditional life of a Peranakan. The Peranakan Museum also hosts new exhibitions and events throughout the year. Visit the Peranakan Museum to learn about this unique culture's heritage and its cultural elements for a visually inspiring and educational tour.

Admission Charges:

Adult: $6
*Concession: $3

Group of 20 pax and more:
Adult: $5
*Concession: $2.50

Family, For maximum of 5 persons (Applicable only during special exhibitions):

Asian Civilisations Museum & Peranakan Museum Joint-ticket (Must be used within 7 days of purchase):
Adult: $10
*Concession: $5

Friday Night (7pm - 9pm):
Adult: $3
*Concession: $2.50

*Concession is only for Foreigners aged 60 and above or full-time students

Admission is free for:
- visitors aged 6 years and below
- all Singaporeans and Permanent Residents aged 60 years and above (please present ID or valid pass for verification)
- all Singaporean and Singapore PR students, teachers and full-time National Service men (please present ID or valid pass for verification)


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