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Technology Fairs (IT Show, PC Show, COMEX, SITEX)

Strike up a great deal and snag the latest in electronic offerings at the best rates at the various technology fairs in Singapore. Seize the opportunity that laptop, camera, smart phone and stand to get some amazing freebies thrown in!

There are four main technology conventions fairs that typically occur throughout the year, gathering tech companies and resellers from all across the island to offer consumers amazing prices and attractive bundles. They are the IT Show, PC Show, COMEX and SITEX and they happen every 3 months or so, in March, June, September and November respectively.

The fairs is the best time to get your latest gadgets as the prices are competitively lower than usual and often are bundled with freebies including flash drives, cameras and laptops to software, consoles.

It is advisable to do your homework beforehand to get an idea of what gadgets you might be looking for as the halls are known to be extremely crowded and browser-unfriendly. Make a note of the market price from the various price lists of shops in Sim Lim Square (one of Singapore's tech malls) to ensure that you are getting your full money's worth identify. Office hours are best as you can avoid unpleasant overcrowding.

The fairs are usually held at Suntec City Convention Halls over several levels and sometimes at the Singapore Expo. Make your way down to Singapore to snap up some great buys.


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