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Animal & Bird Encounters
Address: Palawan Amphitheatre, 81F Palawan Beach Walk
Operating Hours: Daily shows run from 12pm till 5.30pm.

If you think attractions on Sentosa are a tad expensive, you will be glad to know that not everything on the resort island comes with a price tag.

Take the Animal & Bird Encounters attraction, for example. It offers free shows at the amphitheatre on Sentosa's Palawan Beach. Get up close and personal with furry or feathered creatures, and enjoy performances that will educate audiences about animals such as snakes, monkeys and parrots.

Each 20-minute show is based on a theme, and provides plenty of photo opportunities with the animals and their trainers. If nothing else, the performances provide welcome breaks for adults while their kids are entertained by the animals' antics.

You can take the tram to get to the amphitheatre on Palawan Beach. It's a short walk from the Beach station.


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