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Singapore City Gallery
Address: 45 Maxwell Road, The URA Centre
Contact: (+65) 6321 8321
Operating Hours: Monday - Friday: 9am - 5pm
Saturday: 9am - 1pm
Sunday and Public Holidays: Closed

The URA's (Urban Redevelopment Authority) Singapore City Gallery cannot be more rightfully named. Right here, you will get a bird's eye view of the entire city of Singapore without having to experience the dizzying heights of the Singapore Flyer or other elevated vantage points!

The gallery showcases the architectural landmarks and urban development of our country through fine, exquisite and detailed miniature models, as well as 3-dimensional, interactive displays which will give you a realistic experience of viewing Singapore from the top. These exhibits will allow visitors to watch Singapore's transformation from an uninhabited jungle island in 1819 to the first-world city it is known as in the 21st century.

If these mere exhibitions are not enough to interest you, don't worry. Check out the following thematic displays:

1. Orientation

People complete a city. Their ways of life, culture and activities add vibrance to an empty metropolis and allow the city to come alive with its own unique personality. Take part in an interactive quiz-show - no prizes to be won, unfortunately, but you will gain valuable insight on Singapore's city planning and its role in today's globalised world.

2. History

Every country would not be complete without a sense of its history. From the day of Singapore's founding to present day, Singapore has been through countless trials and tribulations. Discover them here at the History section where, with the aid of animation and edutainment equipment, you can see the change in our coastlines through land reclamation and the transformation of 19th century swamps into the bustling towns we know today.

3. Conservation and Heritage

The URA has come a long way in conserving key buildings that are symbolic to our colonial days. These buildings define what we used to be and how we've changed. Some of the more well-known of such buildings are the shophouses, which are very commonly seen in Chinatown and Bugis. Here, you can observe the development of the shophouse districts stage by stage. You will also be able to witness how conservation efforts by the URA help ensure that while buildings are renovated to keep a clean appearance, the essence that these houses bring out remain untainted by urban developments.

4. Planning

Witness the behind-the-scene efforts that go into ensuring our land capacity is maximised and utilised well! In this section, interactive animations present a realistic experience of issues faced by the government when it comes to sustainable planning.

5. City Centre

At this final section, aspiring architects can get their very own hands-on experience using planning tools, which you can use to simulate the planning efforts by the URA. Do not miss the light-and-sound show which takes you through time, allowing you to see the growth of Singapore through your very own eyes. The show is screened six times a day.


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