Cheng Tng

Cheng Tng
Pronunciation: ching teng

This is a traditional sweet Chinese dessert soup, made with longans, barley, ginkgo nuts and white fungus. Served either hot or cold, it is usually sweetened with rock sugar, and optional ingredients include red dates and crystallized winter melon. Also served as a good thirst quencher, Cheng Tng is believed to have beneficial health properties. It literally translates to 'cooling soup'.

Traditionally, Cheng Tng consists of the 'lok mei', or 6 types of herbs (lotus seed, honey dates, dried longans, Chinese barley, and two types of tree barks) - essential in cooling the body down. However, it is difficult to find the original version now since people tend not to view it as a dessert when all 6 herbs are used. Therefore, ingredients such as lychee and sago balls have been used as substitutes.


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