Lor Mee

Lor Mee
Pronunciation: lóo-mī

A Hokkien noodle dish served in a thick starchy brown gravy and with thick flat yellow noodles. The thick gravy is made of corn starch, spices and eggs. The dish itself includes ngo hiang (wu xiang - Chinese five spices sausage), fish cake, fish, round and flat meat dumplings (usually chicken or pork), and half a boiled egg to compliment the noodles. Other sides available at certain stalls include fried shark meat, fried fish meat, braised duck meat and deep-fried dumplings. Vinegar, garlic and red chilli can be added by individuals to tailor each serving to their own taste and to enhance its flavour. If your not a fan of the flat yellow noodles, most hawker stalls also provide vermicelli as an alternative.

According to some, Lor Mee was created out of need in the mid-1950s when there was a shortage of meat. Stall holders would stew small pieces of meat and fish to make a thick gravy.


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