Mee Siam

Mee Siam
Pronunciation: mi seeum

A Thai dish with a Singapore twist, the Mee Siam in Singapore has a whole range of variations depending on who the dish is prepared by. It is generally made from rice flour noodles (vermicelli) and served with a light gravy made from tamarind juice and dried shrimp, topped with fresh calamansi, tiny cubes of fried bean curd, chives and slices of boiled egg. The most popular mee siam is made in the Peranakan tradition which includes coconut milk. Indian mee siam is slightly pinkish in colour with a sweeter gravy taste. The Chinese tend to uses more bean curd and salted fermented soybeans. For extra zing, the juice of half a lime can be added to the gravy.

Although the name Mee Siam is a Malay term for 'Siamese noodle', there is no such dish in Thai cuisine. It has been suggested however that the Mee Siam has a close resemblance to Thailand's Mee Rad-Na or Pad-Thai.


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