Roti John

Roti John
Pronunciation: roh-tee John

Roti John is an omelette sandwich made using a local baguette-like loaf which is shorter in length with rounded ends and a softer texture. The loaf is fried with egg like a french toast and served with meat, onions and sweet chilli sauce. A good roti john is crispy on the outside, while the meat and egg mixture remains soft and the onions crunchy. Patrons have the option to choose their desired meat - chicken, beef, mutton or sardines. 


This dish was invented by a Malay food vendor, Mr Shukor. The story goes that Shukor was often asked by his many western patrons to fry them an onion omelette which they would then eat with bread. This led him to invent a new dish that combined the two elements his customers loved so much. But why "John"? In the past, the locals would call foreigners "John" and since the dish was made for them, it seemed only natural to name it after them.


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