Roti Prata

Roti Prata
Pronunciation: roh-tee prah-tah

Evolved a long way from its original Pakistan and Indian pancake recipes, roti prata, meaning 'flat bread', is made out of a lightly flavoured and subtle sweet dough served with curry, sugar or dhal. Traditionally, roti prata is sold either plainly or with egg or onions embedded in them. More varieties have been introduced over the years such as cheese, durian, mushroom, banana, chocolate and ice-cream, although they are more common in specialised stalls rather than the hawker ones. Most stalls however do have an option of three types of curries to compliment their prata - chicken, mutton or fish. Although Indians are used to eating with their bare hands, fork and spoons are also offered to those who may not be used to sticking their fingers into hot greasy food.

The sight of the prata maker making the dish is a sight to behold. Watch his quick hand movements as he tosses the dough up in the air as Italian chefs do with their pizzas.


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