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Singapore is indeed a shopping haven, where you can find just about anything you desire - high-tech gadgets, the latest fashion styles, and designer handbags that fill the malls along the streets of Singapore. Shopping malls cater to the full range of budgets, from the bargain shopper to the fashionista who indulges in luxury goods, and are situated all across the island, from end to end. Although retail is centred around the city centre, most suburban towns have at least a sizeable shopping mall or shopping arcade that offer enough products and services to make each them self-sufficient.

Within our searchable directory, we list malls from different spots around Singapore, so that you can search for a mall to satisfy your retail therapy needs by whichever area you are in or heading towards. If you have been recommended a specific mall to shop at by a local or friend, the specific entries will provide you with directions and an introduction to the mall itself.

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270 Orchard Road S238857
Get a slice of London’s most luxurious address, at Knightsbridge clientèle will get to enjoy one of London's most luxurious retail concept with the English branding. The 83,000 sq ft luxury shopping destination, comprising of an S$80 million makeover of the former Park Hotel Orchard, features a dazzling herringbone-designed glass façade and incorporates a dramatic eight-storey tall media wall. Shoppers at Knightsbridge will enjoy four-storeys worth of timeless chic and classic styles.