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Restaurants are at the higher-end of the scale of dining spots in Singapore - they are comparatively more formal and more expensive. One usually orders from a set or an ala carte menu, and offerings tend to specialise in a particular type of cuisine - such as North Indian, Italian, Peranakan or Cantonese-style. Most are stand-alone establishments but some form part of a larger chain of restaurants; others are affliated to hotels and are found on hotel premises. The atmosphere of the venue, as well as the variety and quality of dishes served, varies between establishments, but patrons can generally expect a high standard of hygiene and service at these places.

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Quentin's Eurasian Restaurant
Quentin's Eurasian Restaurant
139 Ceylon Road, Eurasian Community House S429744
Eurasian cuisine is one of the rarest sides of local food. A heady mix of Asian and European tastes, often blending in hot chilli flavours with milder ones such as cinnamon and garlic, it is very rare to chance upon Eurasian fare much less one that is available in the public domain. Chef Quentin Pereira has boldly introduced a menu rich in Eurasian traditional recipes including Pork Sambal and Chicken Devil's Curry here at his restaurant. Its Babi Assam, a well-known dish among home cooks in