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Annalakshmi Janatha Restaurant

Annalakshmi Janatha Restaurant

104 Amoy Street, Telok Ayer Conservation Area, Singapore 59413

(+65) 6339 9993

Operating Hours:
Mon–Sat: 11am – 7pm

Enjoy home-cooked South Indian food in buffet style, prepared by volunteer housewives. The buffet counter is entirely vegetarian, including dishes such as dhals, soups, cauliflower curry, yoghurt dips, and papadums. Annalakshmi Janatha Restaurant is a social enterprise which operates on a 'Athithi Dhevo Bhava' philosophy, which means 'the guest is God'.

The eatery's distinctive ambience provides a unique cultural experience. Diners here pay what they think their meals are worth, but most donate around S$5-S$10 each to the restaurant, in a show of support for its sister organisation, the Temple of Fine Arts.

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