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The Rice Table

The Rice Table

International Building, 360 Orchard Rd #02-09/10, Singapore 238869

+65 6835 3783

Operating Hours:
Daily: 12pm - 3pm, 6pm - 9.15pm

Coined by the Dutch to describe Indonesian cuisine, Rijsttafel literally means 'rice table', which in early days, referred to a lavish feast spread out on a table that can take hours to consume. In a manner typical to that of royal families, a dollop of rice will first be scooped onto your plate before you are served the dishes one by one.

The Rice Table is a modern twist of the rijsttafel, presenting on a food warmer or rechaud. Ranging from milder dishes like the Sayur Lodeh (spicy vegetable stew) and Terong Kicap (eggplant in soya sance) t the more savoury ones like the Sambal Udang (prawns in chilli paste), The Rice Table's famous Penang buffet lunch and dinner will delight any foodie at any given visit.

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