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Tung Lok Classics

Tung Lok Classics-1-1

1 Tanglin Road, Orchard Parade Hotel #02-18, Singapore 247905

+65 6834 0660

Operating Hours:
Daily: 12 - 3pm, 6.30 - 10.30pm

Tung Lok Classics specialises in a menu of time-honoured Chinese classic dishes that have been adapted from centuries-old authentic Cantonese, Shanghainese and Sichuan recipes. The dishes here are so complex and carefully created that you'll be hard-pressed to find similar ones anywhere else. One of its most distinctive dishes is the famous 'Yan Du Xian', or Shanghainese Special Soup with Pork, Beancurd Knots and Bamboo Shoots.

Some of Tung Lok Classics’ signature dishes include:
  • Tung Lok Stewed Pork Shank
  • Shanghai-style Wok-fried “Nian Gao”
  • Beijing-style Braised Shark’s Fin with Sea Cucumber, Abalone and Fish Maw in Brown Sauce
  • Poached Crispy Rice with Crab Meat in Seafood Broth
  • Shanghai-style Braised “Mian Xian” with Fish Puff

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