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Blue Bali on Cluny

Blue Bali on Cluny

1D Cluny Road, Singapore 259600

+65 6733 0185

Operating Hours:
Tues - Sun 5pm - 12am midnight, closed on Mondays

'Blue Bali on Cluny is a restaurant, a bar, a meeting place and a spa of Light that is the feeling that captures people's imagination. A multi cultural palette combined with bright colours and the fragrance of Asian cuisine, a true delight and an unforgettable experience .......'

Blue Bali is associated with a country - Bali, Indonesia, rich in arts, culture and heritage, expressed by the Balinese through their daily living. As a natural result of this Bali has attracted many renowned artists , writers, musicians all seeking the illusive 'feeling of Bali'.

It is a Balinese garden that invites guests to relax and commune with nature and provides a romantic atmosphere, a feeling of privacy and exclusivity. The plants create natural screens, the water a background of calmness. So nature sets the stage for people of all walks of life to harness their creativity, sharing ideas and experiences, a meeting of minds, inspiring youth and entrepreneurs, true living and learning to relax and using our God-given senses to appreciate each day and every moment to the maximum! The secret of Blue Bali is nature in the midst of an urban business environment.

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