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Clementi (EW23)

Clementi (EW23)
3150 Commonwealth Avenue West, Singapore 129580

Clementi MRT Station (EW23) is an above-ground MRT station in the west of Singapore. It is part of the East West Line.
One of the older MRT stations in Singapore, Clementi MRT station was opened in 1988. As Clementi Station was opened in 1988, the platform pillars & walls were designed to be covered with light blues tiles. When the station undergo renovations, the tiles removed from platform pillars & walls so they were replaced with a layer light blue paint and with recent renovations a lift has been added for the benefit of commuters. The station and nearby track follows Commonwealth Avenue West, as do the Dover, Buona Vista, Commonwealth and Queenstown stations. Looking to the southwest one can see Clementi Central, with what was previously Commonwealth theatre, a McDonald's, and the bus interchange. At the northeast there is a connecting bridge to the nearby housing estate. When coming from Jurong East Interchange, one can see the former, disused KTM train tracks below.

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