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Archipelago Craft Beer Hub

Archipelago Craft Beer Hub

79 Circular Road, Singapore 049433

(+65) 6327 8408

Operating Hours:
Mon - Thur: 2pm - 1am
Frid: 2pm - 3am
Sat: 3pm - 3am
Sun: 3pm - 1am

Archipelago is Singapore's first commercial brewery, founded in 1931. Today the company prides itself in making craft beers with six signature ales from dark to creamy Java and Straits Pale. Beer connoisseur can appreciate the subtle twist of each brew in small short glasses as opposed to the standard beer in a jug approach. Brewed and crafted in Singapore to ensure maximum freshness and optimal product quality, the crafted beers here are the finest, with an Asian twist with infused spices such as assam and palm sugar. Do not forget the signature Archipelago Traveler’s Wheat, Archipelago Trader’s Ale and the Archipelago Straits Pale Ale.

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