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Backstage Bar

Backstage Bar

13A Trengganu Street, Singapore 058467

(+65) 6227 1712

Operating Hours:
Sunday - Thursday: 7pm - 2am
Friday - Saturday: 7pm - 3am
Happy Hour Daily: 7pm - 9pm

Even if you've missed the bar's rainbow flag perched above the entrance, the smoldering posters of half-naked males plastered on the walls should be a dead give away. Regardless of your personal tendencies however, the Backstage Bar is more than welcoming to the friends of the rainbow flag. 
The balcony at this cosy men's pub is a great spot to interact with other locals, tourists and expats. Regulars swear on the strong  Long Island Iced Teas and double-shot drinks that the bar whips up. 

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