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Pulau Ubin

By: kimberly on 14 Feb 2012
Possibly the most popular Singaporean offshore island of the lot, Pulau Ubin presents visitors with a unique slice of Singapore from fifty years back. 

While the direct translation of Pulau Ubin in Malay means 'Granite Island', many granite quarries are no longer in operation today and have been populated with vegetation or filled with water. Pulau Ubin has become the perfect destination for those who seek a change in view, off the beaten track. Visit Singapore's last 'kampung' for an idea of how Singapore was in the past and engage in leisurely activities like cycling or spot some of the more exotic marine wildlife in Chek Jawa.

A trip to this island is an ideal way to get some respite away from busy urban life. Located off the eastern coast of Singapore, Pulau Ubin is a time warp back to the 1960's, where rustic wooden houses meets free-roaming wild boars and the occasional mouse deers. Check out idyllic and tranquil waters that are the remains of the 'granite island' or take a bicycle tour around the island and wind down with a refreshing coconut drink complementing a sumptuous seafood dinner.

Visit the island to see one of the last existing kampungs (Malay for village) in Singapore, with a small population of no more than 50 people. Travel around the island on a bicycle or choose to take a hike. Rent a bicycle from the main jetty, which costs S$2 to S$20, depending on the duration of time and the type of bicycle rented.

Check that all bicycle parts are working before travelling around the island, and then set off to explore the island, enjoying the abundance of greenery and scenic views. Seasoned cyclists can challenge themselves to the Ketam Mountain Bike Park, where thrilling and challenging trails can be found or perform stunts through the obstacle route at the circuit route in the Free Ride Skills Park area or the Dirt Skills Park respectively.

Wander through Chek Jawa and find a boardwalk teeming with life and biodiversity and look out for marine wildlife such as sea hares, sea squirts, starfishes, sand dollars, cuttlefishes and octopuses, as well as colourful birds such as the Collared Kingfisher and Straw-headed Bulbul from the viewing tower. Guided tours from the Visitor Centre are also available at $60 per group (maximum of 15 people).

Have a seafood dinner by the bay with enchanting views and sumptuously fresh seafood. Quench your thirst with refreshing coconut juice, drank straight from the husk. Explore the island at a more leisurely pace, and camp overnight on the island after registering with the Pulau Ubin Police Post or choose a more comfortable bedding option at the Celestial Resort, located on the southwest shore of the island.

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