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Sisters' Island

By: kimberly on 11 Nov 2011
Indulge in a spot of diving, swimming or snorkelling at Sisters' Island, a site made up of two small islands sitting side by side. Like Kusu Island , Sisters' Island has a fascinating tale behind its origins.

Legend has it that a widow had two pretty daughters, Linah and Minah. Upon the widow's death the two sisters were taken under the care of a distant uncle in another village. One day, Linah ran into some pirates and gave chase. When the chief pirate and Linah reached her uncle's place, the pirate demanded Linah's hand in marriage. Being poor and unable to seek help, both sisters spent their last night together crying. At dawn, the chief pirate brought along 16 of his men to take Linah away, forcing both sisters apart.

An unwilling Minah died in her attempt to swim out to sea after the pirates' boat. Linah too, dived into the waters in grief and drowned when the wave enveloped her. Villages combed the area for the sisters but their bodies could not be found but the very next day, villagers spotted two islands standing on the same spot where the sisters had drowned.

It was said that the gods felt compassion for the two sisters and had transformed them into islands so that they could be together forever. Located side by side the two islands were named Subar Laut (Big Sister Island) and Subar Darat (Little Sister Island), hence the name Sisters' Island.

Head down to the Sisters' Island for a day of leisurely water activities. Hire a water taxi at Clifford Pier on the ground level for about S$50 to get to Sisters' Island. Spend the day scuba diving or snorkelling and look for giant clams, sea horses and octopuses. However, visitors should beware of the currents around the island as they are usually strong and can be potentially dangerous.

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