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Universal Studios Singapore

By: kimberly on 27 Mar 2012
8 Sentosa Gateway, Sentosa Island, Singapore

(+65) 6577 8888

Operating Hours:
Daily from 10am - 7pm.


Chuck your disbelief at the door and immerse yourself in the fantastical world of the Universal Studios theme park, and relive your childhood with fascinating life-sized characters as well as exhilarating thrills and spills.

Singapore's latest theme park attraction, Universal Studios Singapore in Resorts World Sentosa, is the first of its kind in Singapore. While well-known and well-loved attractions are a part of this theme park, Singapore has the distinctive privilege of being the first to introduce 18 new attractions here.

Stroll down Hollywood and mingle with iconic stars such as Marilyn Monroe, Kungfu Panda's Po and Betty Boop along the Walk of Fame, or get rocking with the Universal Classic Monsters in a rock-n-roll Broadway musical at the impressive state-of-the art Pantages Hollywood Theatre.

Cross over to New York and have a slice of the Big Apple. Experience how movie magic happens at Lights, Camera Action: Hosted By Steven Spielberg as a vast, empty sound stage is attacked by a Category 5 hurricane. Watch with bated breath as a boathouse is destroyed and a cargo ship and assorted debris comes hurtling towards you and then watch as movie magic repairs the boathouse almost instantly. Watch closely as the secrets of film production are revealed at Stage 28 and through the Making Of Videos to gain some insight into how movies are made. Get inspired to become the next Steven Spielberg!

Throughout the rest of the park, watch how best-selling animated films and blockbuster films have been transformed into a thrilling experience for you to delight your senses with. There's a myriad of adventures to be explored here.

Visit Ancient Egypt and immerse yourself in the fever of Egyptian exploration in the 1930s. Unearth fabulous treasures while avoiding terrible curses in a world filled with rich pharaohs, shambling mummies and towering pyramids. Check out the Revenge Of The Mummy ride, a high-speed indoor roller coaster that'll shoot you away from the curse of the dreaded high priest Imhotep. Huge fireballs, swarms of creepy-crawly scarab beetles and vicious warrior mummies are all out to get you, so hang on tight for a ride of your life! Get gold fever with your kids and start looking for treasure in Treasure Hunters. Take on the role of intrepid explorers, and drive vintage cars through an abandoned excavation site.

Go back in time to a world of dinosaurs at the Lost World, where you can catch live water shows at the WaterWorld. Run for cover as tidal waves threaten to overwhelm you and watch in fascination as death-defying stunts are performed in front of your very eyes. Performers will have to be exceedingly agile as they try to evade fiery explosions and crashing currents. Splash right into the excitement with the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure and try to evade the dinosaurs and navigate through the rapid-filled waters in the thrilling white-water rafting adventure. Soar up in the sky with the Canopy Flyer or climb your way to safety up the Amber Rock Climb and pick up a special bonus on top of the cliff. Kids can board the Dino Soarin' Pteranodons, where they get a thrilling bird's eye view of the teeming jungle below, riding on the backs of these flying dinosaurs.

Check out Sci-Fi City for a glimpse of the future. Embark on a journey aboard the Battlestar Galactica to experience the world's first dueling rollercoasters. Pick a side between Human and Cylon and experience the intense aerial combat between the two spacecraft. The Cylon Raider is a suspended roller coaster that runs through vertical loops, corkscrews and cobra rolls. The Human Viper Mark II is a seated roller coaster. Lest you think that this is less scary, its speed is about 90 km/h and you get propelled 14 storeys into the air in its attempt to pursue the enemy. Unbelievable thrills await as the coasters turn, twist and almost collide. A madcap twist on the original spinning teacup ride, the Accelerator, will test your ability to keep your cool on madly spinning and accelerated rides.

For die-hard fans of Transformers, you can also embark on the world’s first theme park attraction based on the film franchise! In this motion thrill ride, park guests are transported onboard advanced motion-based ride vehicles (Autobots called EVAC exclusively created for the ride) into the Transformers universe, whizzing through subway tunnels, racing down city streets, and leaping across rooftops! You will definitely be thrilled at the opportunity to combine forces with Optimus Prime and their favourite Autobots in this ultimate 3D battle to protect the AllSpark against the evil Decepticons.

Experience a different kind of thrill as you journey on to Madagascar and Far Far Away. Seize the opportunity to take pictures with well-loved characters from these areas, namely Alex, Gloria, Marty and Melman from Madagascar and Fiona and Shrek from Shrek.

Slow down the intensity after other thrills and hop onto King Julien's Beach Party Go Round, a carousel party with King Julien, the rest of the lemurs and even pesky foosas. Join the famous escapees from the New York Zoo in Madagascar: A Crate Adventure! Among the longest rides in Universal Studios Singapore, Madagascar: A Crate Adventure is a nine-minute indoor flume ride that takes guests on a river boat adventure with Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo.

Check out the interactive 4-D film experience in Far Far Away, where Shrek must save Princess Fiona from the evils that be. Enhanced by Ogre Vision, you'll be able to hear, feel and see the action right from your seat, complete with jumps, bumps, air blasts, water sprays, bounces that will bring the action from the screen right to you. Meet everyone's favourite sidekick, Donkey, with his own live show, the Donkey Live show that will get you on your feet, singing along and even conversing with Donkey in an intimate theatre setting.

After the tame interactive shows have worked their magic, it's time to once again attempt some rides. Generally, these rides are more tailored for the young, where they can hop on-board the Enchanted Airways on the Dragon and fly around Far Far Away and be entertained by a string of characters, from the Three Little Pigs, Gingy and Pinocchio in a coaster or visit the Magic Potion Spin and travel with the potions as they get mixed in an assembly line.

Transport yourself to a world of fantasy and live it up with thrilling and exciting rides or meet your favourite characters as you relive your childhood.

We have crafted a half-day itinerary for a day at Universal Studios Singapore here!  

You can skip the long entrance queues by booking online and printing your tickets at home. Click here to check ticket prices and availability, and don't forget to bring the ticket with you!

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