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Taxis and Cars in Singapore

By: kimberly on 13 Feb 2013
Getting around Singapore usually means choosing one of four options: taking the bus, a train, a cab or driving. Of course, it's usually more affordable to take the bus or train, but you'd also take a longer time to reach your destination this way.

You can also opt to take taxis - you'd get to your destination a lot sooner, but at much higher fares. Flag-down fares usually start from S$3.00 and the meter increases by $0.22 after every 400m. Also, do beware the surcharges for taking a taxi during peak hours, from the airport and after midnight. The peak hour charges are 25% of the metered fare, while the after-midnight charges are about 50% of the metered fare.

If you're taking a cab from the airport, from the times of 5pm to 12 midnight, the surcharge is S$5 and at other times there would be a surcharge of S$3.

If convenience is key, car rental in Singapore starts from about S$750 per week for a Nissan mid-sized car. Motorists here drive on the left-hand side of the road with right hand drive. If you're driving in Singapore, do remember to get a NETS Cashcard, which is a card that you slot into the in-vehicle unit of the car. This will pay for any tolls you might encounter when passing an Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) gantry which would deduct an amount of S$0.50 to $4, depending on your location and the time of the day. Should you forget to place it in, you will be fined.

Leave the car at the hotel and take a bus or an MRT to Orchard Road and the Central Business District, especially during peak hours of 7.30 to 9.30 am and from 5.30pm to 8 pm to avoid paying the ERP.

Be sure to bring along your licence and an International Driving Permit or an official translation of your foreign licence in English. Drivers from ASEAN member countries would only need a driving licence from the relevant driving licence Authority. If you're staying in Singapore for more than 12 months, you'd need to apply for an international driving licence.

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