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Jurong Bird Park

By: jay on 14 Feb 2012
2 Jurong Hill, Singapore

(+65) 6265 0022

Operating Hours:
Daily from 8.30am - 6pm (Last ticket sale at 5.30pm).


With more than 8,000 birds from 600 species, come meet our feathered friends at the Jurong Bird Park for an entertaining and educational experience! The Jurong Bird Park, with its 20.2 hectares of land, is the largest bird park in the world and is also an award-winning attraction, with 900 000 visitors in 2009 alone, winning awards for its conservation, breeding and research efforts. Must-see exhibits here include the Lory Loft Aviary, Dinosaur Descendants, Birds of Prey Show and Birds and Buddies Show, as well as the tallest man-made waterfall in the world.

The beautifully landscaped setting of waterfalls and free flight aviaries make for a lovely walk. Explore the world’s largest walk-in lory aviary at the Lory Loft Aviary. The Australian rainforest aviary alone covers 3 000 sq. metres and stands at 9 storeys high, with over 1000 free-flying lories. Have fun watching these colourful and fun-loving lories flocking to you as you feed them a special nectar-mix. The feeding times range from 8.30am to 6pm. Also, be sure to visit the African Waterfall Aviary to see the largest man-made waterfall in the world. This majestic sight cascades down through the world's largest walk-in aviary.

To get a glimpse of what dinosaurs most likely looked like eons ago, head to the Dinosaur Descendants exhibit, featuring 4 different species of flightless birds - the ostrich, the cassowary, the emu and the rhea. At the same area, you can also take a stab at being an archaeologist and unearth various fossils and relics hidden beneath the sand. The World of Darkness exhibit is home to nocturnal owls cast in simulated moonlight. The park is home to many other birds such as flamingoes, hornbills, toucans, pelicans, penguins, crowned pigeons and birds of paradise, and also houses a wet-and-dry playground.

See the majestic Birds of Prey up-close. From eagles and hawks to vultures and falcons, witness their fearsome hunting behaviour as they snatch food in mid-air, carry out simulated hunts and display their problem-solving abilities in two special shows. The show times for these shows are at 10am for the Fuji World of Hawks and at 4pm for King of the Skies. The venue for both shows is at the Fuji Hawk Walk. Sign up to Be a Falconer and be trained to handle these majestic birds and learn the history of falconry.

Of all the shows in the park, the Birds n Buddies Show has the greatest variety of performing birds in a single live act. This performance is specially choreographed by international creative show specialist Pieter Grove, who has produced Broadway musicals and international adaptations. Be entertained by the stunning visual and audio extravaganza and the antics of the Buddies, colourfully dressed characters and the stars of the show themselves, the birds, ranging from flamingoes to macaws and even penguins. Catch the shows at 11am and 3pm at the Pools Amphitheare for a thoroughly enjoyable performance.

Opt to save a little pocket change by buying a Park Hopper package, which allows you to travel to the Singapore Zoo and Night Safari and the Bird Park at a discounted rate.

Head down to the Jurong Bird Park to learn more about the avian community and enjoy some of its most well-loved attractions!

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