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Singapore Science Centre

By: jay on 31 Jan 2012
15 Science Centre Road, Singapore

(+65) 6425 2500

Operating Hours:
Mondays: Closed (except for School and Public Holidays)
Tuesday - Sunday: 10am - 6pm


With over 19 exhibit areas and frequent travelling exhibitions, let the Singapore Science Centre entertain you with educational, quirky and hands-on activities that will boggle your mind! It is is home to a huge collection of more than 1000 absorbingly interactive exhibits featuring the science of outer space, the earth, ecosystems, human bodies, technology, and visual illusions. The quirky and hands-on activities are a treat for kids that will engage, entertain, and educate them.

Don't miss the Climate Change exhibit, where you can learn about the changes taking place at the polar regions due to climate change events and watch a shadow puppet show and a short animation on climate change. After familiarising yourself with energy efficiency and clean energy, you can even try your hand at building your own eco-city. Find out your own carbon footprint and pledge to do your part to protect the environment.

Another featured exhibit at the Singapore Science Centre is the Sound Exhibition. Explore the wonders of sound through interactive stations such as the 'Hearing Range', where you can test your ears' sensitivity to different frequencies, while 'Listen!' allows you to experience how your moods can be affected by music and if you can listen and talk at the same time. Also, watch sound waves in action as sand and iron filings dance to music and explore the phenomenon of resonance through the Hot Air Organ.

Also check out the Waterworks, an exhibit set up with the Public Utilities Board, the national water agency, where you can learn about Singapore's water purification process and the natural water cycle. Let loose and get wet as you find your way through the water maze and shoot jets of water equivalent to your water usage in daily activities.

You'll be surprised by what you've yet to discover in the wonderful world of science. Learn together and bond with friends and family in a day of finding treasure troves of exciting nuggets of information!

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