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By: kimberly on 11 Apr 2011
Staying in touch while travelling to a foreign country is always a bit of a hassle, now made more convenient by the Internet.

Solve the conundrum of staying in touch with family back home and yet being accessible to Singapore numbers for work or connecting with friends by getting a Singapore pre-paid SIM card and/or an International Calling Card.

A prepaid SIM card will set you back by about S$18 while an International Calling Card (ICC) will cost about S$10 - $20. Also, look for Internet cafes or free internet offered by hotels. If you've got a phone with a data plan, remember to turn off the global roaming feature in order to avoid excess charges on your data plan.

However, if this is a cost you are prepared to accept, it might prove to be beneficial in the long run if used in moderation.

A SIM card with a local number will give you the freedom to call business associates or friends in Singapore at local rates. Look around the telecommunications companies in Singapore, namely, StarHub, Singtel or M1, and look around for the best deals.

Ideally, if possible your prepaid card should allow you to have free incoming calls and free text messages. To stay in touch with family in your home country inexpensively, you could purchase an International Calling Card, or you could persuade your family member or loved one to download Skype, where keeping in contact is free.

For the International Calling Card, there are a few brands, so check which one has the best rates and number of minutes for the country you will be calling to.

Take advantage of free wireless Internet in hotels, but be sure to check if wireless Internet is also free in the hotel rooms, or if not, what the charges would be.

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