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Chinese Garden

By: jay on 25 Nov 2012
1 Chinese Garden, Singapore

(+65) 6261 3632

Operating Hours:
Monday - Saturday: 9am - 6pm
Main Garden: Daily 6am - 11pm
Bonsai Garden & Garden of Abundance: Daily 9am - 6pm

Enjoy the peace and tranquillity of a quiet afternoon walk at the Chinese Garden. Tucked away on two islands in the middle of Jurong Lake, this is a collaboration between nature and culture.

Designed by well-known Taiwanese architect Prof. Yuen-chen Yu, the Chinese Garden is based on the intricate Chinese art form of gardening and draws inspiration from northern Chinese imperial style of architecture and landscaping. The Chinese Garden is filled with motifs of twin pagodas, pavilions, rockeries, a tea gallery and arched bridges.

Some interesting features include the Chinese Pavilion, Plateau and Tower which represents the crux of Chinese gardening art. One of the main ethos in structural arrangements in Chinese tradition is to integrate grand architecture into the environment around it, which also incorporates elements such as plants, rocks, a winding stream and footpaths in order to construct a truly poetic scene.

Explore the Bonsai Garden, known as the largest Suzhou-style Bonsai garden of its kind outside of China. View the collection of a few hundred bonsais from various countries such as Malaysia, China, Taiwan and Indonesia, with a pair of Podocarpus bonsais from China shaped into lions standing guard over the entrance. Take in the intensely detailed Suzhou architecture and the equally meticulous details of the buildings' accents. The Bonsai Garden is opened daily from 9am to 6pm daily with an admission fee of S$2 per adult and S$1 for children below the age of 12 and senior citizens.

Check out unusual species of tortoises at The Live Turtle & Tortoise Museum, where the rare two-headed-and-six-legged tortoises can be found. This installation is open from 10am to 6pm daily with an admission charge of S$5 per adult, and S$3 for children below the age of 12 and senior citizens.

Visit the site of the finish line of the reality TV series The Amazing Race Asia 2 at the 13-arch 'Pai Hung Chiao' Bridge (white rainbow bridge), which mimics the 17-arch bridge of the Summer Palace in Beijing, China.

On the other side of the bridge, the Japanese Garden is far more simplistic but nevertheless paves the way for meditation or quiet contemplation. Filled with Zen rock gardens, traditional summer houses, stone lanterns, Koi-filled ponds and gilded arched bridges, be prepared to be transported to another country and be lost in time.

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