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Old Ford Factory

By: kimberly on 15 Jun 2012
What began as Southeast Asia's first car assembly plant took on a slightly different but even more prominent significance in Singapore's military history - the site where British formally surrendered Malaya to the Japanese forces. The Old Fort Museum, in-situ museum of 'Memories at Old Factory', offers visitors an opportunity to witness this historical moment through its diverse collection of original video and audio recordings.

The Japanese Occupation left indelible mark on Singaporeans' view on their country. To commemorate those who lived through those dark years, the old Ford Motor Factory has been converted into an exhibition gallery based on first-hand oral-history accounts, primary source documents and archival records. They showcase the courage, endurance, creativity and strength of the Singaporeans during the Occupation.

The gallery recreates the scene as it was in that time, with a garden out back showcasing the crops grown at the time to eke through lean times. Visitors will also see how the various races were treated at the time.

Get your hands on the Talking Map which will give you an account of how the Japanese advanced from Malaya into Singapore. Learn about the significant events of the period, or play the Syonan Race, a game based on the 44 months of Japanese Occupation. The objective is to be the first to reach the end of the Occupation while navigating around various obstacles.

The usual admission charge for adults is $3, and $2.50 for those above the ages of 55. Make your way down on New Year's Day (1 January), the second day of Chinese New Year , Total Defence Day (15 February), International Museum Day, National Day (9 August), Hari Raya, Deepavali and Christmas Day (25 December) to enjoy free admission.

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