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By: kimberly on 24 May 2012
Bring home a piece of Singapore in addition to the memories and photographs. Choose souvenirs from miniatures of attractions in Singapore to the usual key chains and t-shirts or be unconventional and bring home some local cuisine, either in packet form or in sachets so you can replicate the recipe at home.

Attraction-related Souvenirs

Singaporean attraction-related souvenirs can usually be found at the attraction itself, ie. stuffed toucans at the Jurong Bird Park, miniature Singapore Flyers at the Singapore Flyer and the Singapore Zoo. If you find that they are a bit pricey, another alternative would be to go into souvenir shops along Chinatown or for convenience, Orchard Road. If you are on a budget, comparison shopping is key. Products may be rather similar to each other, so looking around will ensure you get the best deals.

Uniquely Singapore Souvenirs

Souvenirs that would be unique to Singapore may or may not include the attractions. Unconventional souvenirs would be taking back a taste of Singapore, whether it is Hainanese Chicken Rice carefully transported back in a styrofoam box, or the condiments that make up the ingredients for it. These would be available. Another favourite would be barbequed pork, or known locally as bak kwa, available most famously from Bee Cheng Hiang, that has outlets all over Singapore.

Cheap Souvenir Shops

Visit Bugis Street or Chinatown for affordably priced souvenirs, usually ranging from cups to keychains to t-shirts and assorted paraphernalia. If you want a more meaningful souvenir, you could head down to Chinatown Heritage Centre to get five-stones, a traditional game played with five small sacks of beans, inflatable balls and handmade quilts, or have your name painted in Chinese characters by different artists in that area.

Bugis will have a range of more commercial souvenirs. Bugis Village is an open-air market that sells a range of clothes and souvenirs. It is also a place where bargaining is more widely accepted and thus you could get cheaper souvenirs.

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