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By: christine on 14 Apr 2011
Indian food in Singapore is concentrated mostly from two distinct cultural groups; the Northern Indians and Southern Indians. The staples of Indian cuisine generally include curries, rice and bread. Containing a unique blend of spices and herbs ranging from cardamom, cumin, coriander, cloves to chilli, Indian cuisine can easily be distinguished from the fragrance the spices produce.

Food from the Northern Indians are generally less spicy and many dishes including curry are yogurt based and use cow's milk, cream and ghee (clarified butter). Common dishes will have 'korma' affixed to it, like chicken korma (chicken in a cream based curry gravy) for instance, showing that the dish is mildly spicy. Popular food items from the Northern Indians include dishes like nasi biryani (saffron infused rice served with either chicken, beef or mutton), chapatti (a flat tortilla-like dough) as well as tandoor-made food. The use of a tandoor; or clay oven are present for making naans (baked flat bread) and tandoori chicken.

Southern Indians on the other hand, prepare their dishes and spicy curries with hefty amounts of coconut milk, curry leaves and mustard seeds. They usually serve vegetarian dishes like thosai (fried pancake served with dhal and chutney dips). Most dishes are affixed with 'masala', indicating that they are spicy.

For a taste of true blue Indian cuisine, head down to Little India where the streets are lined with authentic eateries. Look out for Komalas, a chain of restaurants serving vegetarian Indian cuisine. Variants of bread dishes include roti john (toasted baguette coated in egg and drizzled with tomato sauce), murtabak (bread stuffed with your choice of minced meat) and roti tissue (thin dough fried to a crisp and wrapped in a towering pyramid shape). Try it at Mr Prata located at Evans Road or The Roti Prata House at Upper Thomson. Taste the different spices that come together for an authentic Indian meal in Singapore. Be sure to try out local favourites like roti john, murtabak and roti prata and chicken masala.

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  • Indian food can be rather tasty and spicy, so it is reccommended that you have cooling drinks to go with it especially with the hot weather!