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Vegetarian Food

By: kimberly on 07 Apr 2011
Even vegetarians can join in the culinary fun in Singapore, with a great deal of vegetarian restaurants open for your selection. Vegetarian food in Singapore is mainly catered towards two major cultures - the Chinese and the Indians, who may have adopted vegetarianism out of religion or personal preference. Thus, a majority of vegetarian restaurants in Singapore are either Chinese or Indian. Vegetarians in Singapore primarily dine on a diet of vegetables and fruits, with wheat gluten substitutions for meat in most cases. With creativity and assorted flavourings, these substitutions can actually imitate the real flavour of the meats quite closely. While the combination of vegetables, fruits, mock meats and tofu may sound rather bland and unappetising, restaurants around Singapore have adapted to this by incorporating their ethnic flavours into their cooking, as well as local favourites like Sambal Kangkong (a spicy vegetable dish infused with chilli). Vegetarian food may also include a variety of cultures, ranging from Japanese to Peranakan to Thai food. Try it at Little India to sample Indian food or go to Lingzhi Restaurant to feast on Chinese food, vegetarian style.

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