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By: kimberly on 11 Apr 2011
Singapore is truly a mecca of diverse food.The cuisines in Singapore not only encompass each of the ethnicities in Singapore, it reaches far beyond our shores to serve up cuisine from all over the world, including well-loved staples from America and Europe.

Western food in Singapore is actually a very broad categorisation. This basically encompasses cuisine from America, England, Italy, Germany and France and covers all manner of food that does not predominantly feature rice as its main dish. That being said, restaurants in Singapore do tend to incorporate food cross-culturally into their menus as well, so the lines between American and Italian cuisine may be at times blurred.

American cuisine in Singapore is arguably the most popular out of all the rest of the cuisines, since Singaporeans delight in their burgers, steaks, barbequed ribs and desserts. Hot favourites in Singapore are Billy Bombers, The Cafe Cartel and Kenny Rogers. English food are pretty much lumped together in this category, although there are more English options to be found in a takeaway store called Chippy - British Take Away, Foster's An English Rose Cafe and the oldest English pub in Singapore - The Yard.

Italian food is another option highly popular with Singaporeans, typically featuring lots of pasta dishes as well as wood-fired pizzas and lagsanas. While most often prefer the convenience of PastaMania or Pizza Hut, lovers of the real deal can visit iL Lido, Otto Ristorante and Forlino.

While Italian and American cuisines are well-loved throughout the scales, French food is perhaps a more acquired taste that has only recently blossomed. The fare usually encompasses seafood, and quite a lot of it at that, with duck, caviar, foie gras, lobster bisque soup and of course paired perfectly with wine. These dishes are usually pan-fried and paired with entrees, appetizers and desserts that will make your meal a truly blissful one. One of the top French restaurants in Singapore is Au Petit Salut, while those looking for a more affordable option might endeavor to try the Black Sheep Cafe.

When one thinks of German food, indisputably the first thing to come to mind are the sausages. It is estimated that Germany itself has about 1 500 varieties of sausages. Other popular dishes include potato soup, hog roast, pork knuckle and apple strudel. Paulaner Bräuhaus Singapore is perhaps the most famous place to get such cuisine but you could also try Brotzeit German Bier Bar & Restaurant.

Let your tastebuds travel around the world and sample comfort food like spaghetti, fish and chips and even pork knuckle.

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  • Swensens and Pastamania are some of the Western restaurants you can find around Singapore.