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About Singapore

By: erickoh on 06 Apr 2011
At one glance, Singapore looks like any typical Asian city with its skyscrapers, transport systems and infrastructures in place. In contrast to other developed nations around the region however, its hard to believe that this 45-year-old nation quickly became regarded as one of the Four Asian Tigers alongside Hong Kong, South Korea and Taiwan. Perhaps the fact that Singapore started as a land of immigrants accounts for its social make-up. Comprising out of three major ethnic groups - Chinese, Malay and Indian, the government quickly realised the strength of the economy had to be highly dependent on the capability of its people. Having no natural resources whatsoever, Singapore's strength resided in its strategic location and productivity of its people. Once a thriving seaport under the colonial rule, today Singapore has expanded to become one of the world's busiest ports. Beyond its Western veneer, Singapore still remains predominantly Asian in thinking with unifying notions of respect, obligations and the importance of hard work lending itself to the meritocratic state. Armed with tasty food, good shopping and a fabulous nightlife scene set against the clean and tropical Garden City, Whether you're a businessmen or here for a holiday, Singapore's wide range of food, shopping, nightlife, cultural precinct and attractions will ensure a trip filled with non-stop entertainment.

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