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Night Safari

By: kimberly on 31 Jan 2012
80 Mandai Lake Road, Singapore

(+65) 6269 3411

Operating Hours:
Daily from 7.30pm - 12 midnight.


Get up-close and personal with your favourite animals at the Night Safari, the world's first nocturnal open-concept zoo, home to 1,040 animals of 120 species, receiving over 1.1 million visitors annually. See animals from South America, Myanmar, Asia, Indo-Malaysia, Himalaya, Nepal and even India, including the largest elephant in the Singapore zoos, endangered species such as the Malayan Tapir and Flying Fox, and the Indian Swamp Deer.

Roam around the open-air zoo and visit animals from South America and Asia in their natural habitats, sealed in their enclosures with natural barriers, cattle grids, moats and hot wires.

Explore the eight geographical zones on foot via the walking trails or have a comprehensive overview in the comfort of a tram. Even though darkness has fallen, the animals are still clearly visible thanks to the simulated moonlight which puts the animals at ease and allows them to engage in their own activities. Visitors should refrain from using flash photography as the flash can be damaging to these animals.

From 7.30 pm onwards, the park comes alive with all sorts of activities. For a warm reception, check out the cultural performances with tribal dances, fire eating displays, and even blowpipe demonstrations. Watch the Creatures of The Night in action at the forest clearing for the show and observe their behaviour, whether it be the owls, binturongs or even civets. Make sure to be on time for the show since you'll not be admitted once the show has begun. Show times are at 7.30 pm, 8.30 pm and 9.30 pm, with an additional show at 10.30 pm on Fridays, Saturdays and eves of public holidays.

Hop on the tram ride and catch the majestic Chawang, the largest elephant in the Singapore zoos. His tusks are close to 1.2 metres long, he stands at an awesome height of almost 3 metres and weighs a hefty 3480 kg. He’s also had the honour of siring three elephants in the zoo.

The zoo is also home to a couple of endangered species such as the Malayan tapir and the Indian swamp deer or baransingha. The Malayan tapir is unmistakable with its distinct black-and-white coat pattern, while the baransingha has twelve or more prongs on each of its antlers.

In the Leopard Trail, visitors witness the leopards in all their feline glory. Admire their lithe forms as they prowl around their habitat and also look out for the tarsiers with their enormous eyes that aid them in spotting their prey in the dark. In the same trail, you’ll also be able to find Malay and small-toothed civets. When provoked, the civets, like skunks, let out foul-smelling secretions, which are sometimes used in perfumes in diluted amounts.

Wander down the Fishing Cat Trail to see the fishing cats, mouse deer and the largest bat in the world, the Malayan flying fox. Observe how the fishing cats, after moments of intense staring at their prey, smoothly lunge into the water and pin their prey down. The mouse deer in this trail are not blessed with the antlers that most deer have. Instead, the males have elongated canines that serve as a form of defense. The Malayan flying foxes have incredible wingspans that can reach up to 1.83 metres but they only weigh about 1.5 kg.

The Forest Giant Trail is one of the few untouched primary forests in Singapore and is famous for its native plants, which have had unrestricted room to grow. Some of these trees have reached dizzying heights of 45 metres and are home to flying lemurs, night jars, squirrels, owls and tree shrews.

Take a leisurely walk around the zoo until it closes at 12 midnight. The admission fee (which includes the tram ride) is S$32 for adults and S$21 for children from 3 to 12 years. Opt for a Park Hopper if you intend to visit the Singapore Zoo and the Jurong Bird Park as well.

Visit during October for a haunting twist. On certain nights, usually Fridays and Saturday nights during the month, the park is turned into a scare-fest with the Halloween Horrors. Sit on the Train of Terror and be prepared for a close encounter of the supernatural kind. If you can't get enough of spooky encounters, head down to the Haunted Forest Giants Trail and enter the Bats' Cave. Beware the creatures and custodians that await you in the cave.

A tour around the Haunted Village is not to be missed during this time as well. Make your way into this strange village and beware of trap doors and ghouls. If you do make it out of this village (part of which enters into the Singapore Zoo), festivities await you at the end. Adults pay S$40 and the children's rate is S$30.

Come to the Night Safari for a unique zoo visit and catch nocturnal animals in their natural habitats.

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