Tissue Paper

By: kimberly on 07 Feb 2011
Tissue paper in Singapore has more than one use. Usually reserved for cleaning oneself of whatever bits of grime or dirt, Singapore has taken the humble tissue paper to greater heights. It is used to 'chope' (reserve) seats in hawker centres.

During mealtimes, hawker centres, which are essentially outdoor non-air-conditioned food courts, are typically packed. Rather than have one person reserve the entire table, for the sake of expediency, items would be left on the seats or tables to reserve the entire table. Items could include bags (with personal valuables removed), umbrellas and other such personal items. However, most people would be scared to entrust their personal items to the general goodwill of the public, and so they resorted to the use of tissue paper packets to reserve tables.

Often, an unsuspecting person would imagine that this table was empty, save for one tissue paper packet and sit down only to have a rather annoyed person return to the table and declare it his/hers.

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