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Victoria Concert Hall

By: kimberly on 15 Jun 2012
11 Empress Place, Singapore 179558

(+65) 6338 1230

Operating Hours:
The Victoria Concert Hall is closed for major renovations and will reopen in 2013.


The Victoria Concert Hall was originally the town hall in 1862, built during a time of Victorian Revivalism that occurred in Britain and reflected in the design of this town hall, featuring Italianate windows and rusticated columns. A theatre was built on the first floor with offices and meeting rooms on the second floor. The offices moved out by 1883.

The Victoria Memorial Hall was built beside the town hall in memory of the late Queen Victoria in 1905. The two buildings were connected by a common corridor, and have a height of 54 metres with a timepiece donated by the Straits Trading Company.

The memorial hall,designed by Major Alexander Murray and the Public Works Department, was meant to be designed in harmony with the town hall, a feat completed by 1909 after the renovation of the town hall. Before World War II truly began, the memorial hall was actually a hospital for victims of bombing raids. Once the occupation had begun, this area escaped major damage and only the colonnade was destroyed. The memorial hall also served at the site for Japanese war crime trials.

In 1954, Swan & Maclaren undertook the task to renovate the memorial hall. On 21 November, the soon-to-be ruling party, the People's Action Party, of Singapore was founded at this venue. The town hall was upgraded so that air-conditioning and soundproofing could be added. Eventually, when it was reopened it was christened the Victoria Theatre. 25 years later, the memorial hall was renovated yet again, this time to be able to house the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO), after which it was renamed the Victoria Concert Hall. A gallery, seating capacity and an enclosure of glass on the balconies were added later.

Given its place in Singapore's history as well as the venue for many local and international art performances, the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall became national monuments on February 14, 1992. Visit this site also so you can claim to have the honour of standing at the same spot the contestants of the sixteenth season of the Amazing Race did when they came to Singapore. Visit the Victoria Concert Hall this year and snap your final shots of it before it undergoes yet another renovation that will end in 2013.

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