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Buses in Singapore

By: kimberly on 22 May 2012
Singapore's public transportation is comprehensive and plys most areas, with two main bus companies: SBS Transit – whose buses are coloured red, white and purple – and SMRT, which runs black-and-yellow buses.

In order to be fully equipped for your travels around Singapore, you might want to get either the electronic version or the printed version of the Singapore Street Directory (priced at either S$24.90 for the jumbo sized version or S$12.90 for the normal-sized version) and the Singapore Bus Guide and Bus-Stop Directory, priced at S$3.90.

Another way to do it would be to have Google Maps or in your smartphone, along with SGTransport apps. Use GoogleMaps or to map out the route and then use the SGTransport app to calculate the bus fare that you'd have to pay for that journey.

You'll need them to cross-reference the buses with the maps in order to know which stop to change buses at (if necessary) to get to your desired location.

The bus fares are calculated according to the distance you travel, ranging from S$0.71 to S$1.90 for fares paid with a CEPAS-complinant (Contactless ePurse Application) card, commonly referred to as an Ez-Link card, or S$1.00 to S$2.10 if you pay by cash. If you're unsure how much you should be paying, refer to the signboards at most bus stops.

Buy an Ez-Link card if you're travelling rather infrequently around Singapore. The initial cost of the card is S$12. This is made up of the payment for the card and the initial stored value of the card. The card cost is S$5, of which S$3 is refundable. When you run low on funds in your Ezy-Link card, you can top it up either at the Transit Link Ticketing Machines, or the Add Value Machines at the stations or at selected bus stops.

If you're planning to travel alot around Singapore, purchase a Singapore Tourist Pass from the train stations like Changi Airport, Harbourfront, Raffles Place, City Hall, Orchard, Chinatown and Little India stations. The Tourist Pass costs S$8 per day, with a deposit of S$10 (refundable if purchased at the stations, and non-refundable if purchased online)

Cash is another option, although slightly more costly (but a great idea if you want to get rid of your coins in a hurry). Look at the signboards to check how much you need to pay and then drop the exact amount into a coin slot next to the driver. He'll dispense a little paper ticket that you should hold onto lest you encounter a bus conductor.

Hop onto a bus for an easy and affordable way to get to your destination.

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  • Check out for alternate routes via bus or bus and train. This will save you time and provide you with alternatives should you anticipate a jam.