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Fort Canning Park

By: mckenwong on 27 Jan 2012
51 Canning Rise, Singapore

(+65) 6332 1302 ‎

Operating Hours:
Lighted Hours: 7pm - 7am daily.

Not many places in the world can boast of being situated right in the middle of a city, while still possessing thriving greenery. Singapore has one, and it is none other than Fort Canning Park.

Abundant with history, Fort Canning Park makes for a good place to wander around, and provides a respite from nearby Orchard Road, Singapore's prime shopping district. If you're hoping to delve into local history, particularly that of the World War II period, Fort Canning Park, or Bukit Larangan, as it used to be known, is the place to be.

History buffs will be delighted to know that some residual World War Two artefacts are still intact. Most notable are The Battlebox, a bunker used formerly by both the British and Japanese forces, and a nine-pound cannon, which looks pristine despite its age.

Popular among most visitors are the spice gardens peppering the park, lacing the air with a tingling fragrance.

No walk in the park is the same. Any given day may bring serendiptious sights and sounds. On some days, you might even chance upon wedding photoshoots or colourful hornbills. Public concerts are sometimes played in the evening at the open space at the Fort Canning Centre, now home to the Singapore Dance Theatre.

Tired of walking? There are sheltered rest areas dotting the park where you can take a break. Or saunter down to the National Museum nearby to escape from the heat and humidity.

Living up to Singapore's name as a food paradise, Fort Canning has two fine dining restaurants catering to different palates, set up amid beautiful examples of colonial architecture. One is aptly named Flutes at The Fort : A Symphony of Flavours, describing its array of fusion cuisine with Australian influences. The other is Gattopardo, an enchanting Italian grill and pizza bar.

There are several ways to get to the park. At the nearby National Museum, you'd find a conveniently located escalator that whisks you to the park in less than a minute.

So slip on a pair of comfortable shoes and take a walk through nature and history in the heart of the city!

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