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Malay Classical Music

By: mckenwong on 08 Apr 2011
Malay classical music can be divided into three types: dance related forms, folk-theatre related forms and independent forms. In Singapore, the Orkestra Melayu Singapura (OMS) is the only orchestra in Singapore to play Malay music with classical and modern instruments.

In 1991, the OMS Traditional Ensemble was formed, specialising in traditional Malay repertoire. Schools, community and state events actively welcome them to perform and help locals and students understand more about Malay traditional music.

The OMS has a rehearsal schedule which you can check out - do visit them if you are curious about what Malay classical music sounds like. A quick glance at the programme schedule shows that there are rehearsals practically every month, sometimes even up to four sessions per month. Performance venues vary and all these are listed on their calendar.

Educational programmes such as 'Introduction to Gamelan Music” and “Gema Warisan – The Malay Musical Heritage", are especially popular amongst schools. Although it may seem like a dying art, the local government is working hard at keeping this traditional culture alive, by actively encouraging and attracting young talents for the orchestra.

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