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Hort Park

By: Shihyu on 02 May 2013
Located just outside the city centre, Hort Park serves as a one-stop gardening hub, set amid serene greenery perfect for relaxation.

Covering 23 hectares, the park provides green-fingered visitors with a wealth of information and inspiration for gardening.

The Hort Park is a collection of many unique and beautiful gardens, where you can enjoy the fresh air and feast your eyes on the mesmerizing greenery while learning about gardening and nature. 

For the kids, the Pitter Patter Potter Garden provides an enriching experience which complements the primary schools' social science and natural science curricula. Kids have the opportunity to embark on a hands-on learning experience as they explore this colourful and educational garden which features a Seed Dispersal Garden, a Recycling Garden, an Organic Play Centre, and a Classroom in a Garden.

The Balinese Garden offers a romantic setting with its lush tranquility. Bask in its living gazebo, weaved together from the common Ficus microcarpa plants, and admire the beauty of the lush tropical plants, decorative ornaments and water elements that adorn this garden.

For aspiring chefs and medical practitioners, the Herb Garden will be of special interest. It showcases traditional, medicinal and culinary herbs & spices that are found in Singapore. The herb plants in the garden are grown and harvested for their flavour, fragrance and healing qualities.

The Hort Park also hosts the Gardeners' Day Out every 3 months. It features interactive and fun gardening activities to promote the spirit of gardening. A Gardening Bazaar is also held as part of the event, where you can find some great plant offers and bargains! Another highlight of the Gardeners' Day Out is the harvesting sessions held at the Vegetable Garden. This edible garden is made up of a variety of vegetables that come in a range of colours and variegations. Join in the harvesting session and take in the sights and smells of the fresh crops!

Everyone loves a freebie, so time your visit right to receive free plant cuttings! Every 1st Saturday of the month, the Hort Park gives away free plant cuttings at its Visitor Services Centre. Come early to avoid disappointment.

The Hort Park is located along the Southern Ridges trail. It is a magnificent attraction for photography and nature enthusiasts, hikers along the trail, as well as anyone looking for a scenic and tranquil place to unwind and get away from the urban hustle & bustle. From courting couples to families with children, the Hort Park is a delight for all.

The Hort Park is open daily from 6am to 10pm. For more information on Hort Park and how to get there, please visit its website.

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