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The ArtScience Museum

By: joyceho on 08 Feb 2013
Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore

(+65) 6688 8868

Operating Hours:
Daily from 10am - 10pm (Including public holidays).
Last admission at 9pm.


Before its grand opening, the ArtScience Museum Singapore had bewildered passers-by for months with its intriguing architecture, leading to different names for the structure - 'lotus', 'hand', and even 'that adidas-shaped thing'. Whatever you call it, the 'Welcoming Hand of Singapore' (think: gigantic 10-fingered baseball glove) ArtScience Museum at Singapore's Marina Bay Sands embraces a range of influences, from art and science, to media and technology, as well as graphic design and architecture.

Designed by critically acclaimed architect Moshe Safdie, the building is made out of materials such as Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer, typically used to build racing yachts. Its dish-like roof channels rainwater to Marina Bay Sands' central atrium, where it creates a 35m cylindrical waterfall that falls into a small, reflecting pool. The rain water is then recycled for use in the museum’s bathrooms as part of Singapore’s Green Mark programme. Each 'finger' of the museum houses different gallery spaces, with skylights at the tip of each column. There are 21 galleries in total.

ArtScience Museum from Marina Bay
ArtScience Museum from Marina Bay

The ArtScience Gallery is the museum's permanent exhibit, introducing visitors to the concepts of 'ArtScience'. Visitors have the opportunity to explore the connections between the arts and sciences through three themed areas titled Curiosity, Inspiration and Expression. The exhibition will also display various historical artefacts, such as Leonardo da Vinci's Flying Machine, a Kongming Lantern and a high-tech robotic fish.

ArtScience Gallery - Expression
ArtScience Gallery - Expression

In the future, the museum will host major international touring exhibitions and some of the most renowned collections from all over the world, giving visitors a glimpse into the creative process that led to the creation of these timeless works.

Ongoing Exhibitions (in 2012):

Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition

Relive the glory days of the RMS Titanic at the ArtScience Museum. Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition will showcase the magnitude of the vessel using real artifacts recovered from the wreck site across nine galleries, chronicling the ship’s conception, construction, sailing day, life on board, the famous iceberg, Titanic’s sinking, the discovery of the wreck, while all throughout telling the incredible stories of her passengers and crew.

This exhibition runs from 29 October 2011 - 29 April 2012.

Cartier Time Art Exhibition

Get to the heart of Cartier watchmaking in this exhibition of its rich horological heritage that unites the largest collection of vintage and contemporary Cartier timepieces ever on display, and in Asia for the first time.

This exhibition runs from 14 December 2011 - 12 February 2012.

Previous Exhibitions (2011 and earlier):

Dali: Mind of a Genius - The Exhibition

This art exhibition, which runs from 14 May to 30 October, showcases the best works of Salvador Dali. It takes guests into the mind of this renowned 20th Century artist and to understand his artistic genius. Visitors will get to see Salvador's works immortalised in different mediums such as bronze, sculpture and gold jewellery. There will be 3 themed areas that visitors can explore: Femininity and Sensuality, Religion and Mythology, Dreams and Fantasy.

Van Gogh Alive - The Exhibition

Many would be familiar with the famous artist Vincent Van Gogh of the 19th Century. This exhibition is a truly a conglomeration of both the arts and science, where his famous works will be projected onto surfaces. Both the use of technology and the fine artistic quality work seek to bring out the best in Van Gogh's artwork.

Shipwrecked: Tang Treasures and Monsoon Winds

This exhibition takes all of its visitors into the 9th century AD with an exploration of the artefacts found on an Arabic dhow. These artefacts range from expensive, immaculately designed ceramics, to valuable gold trinkets. These items were initially lost in a shipwreck during a sea expedition from China to the Persian Gulf until they were recently found by archaeologists in the late 20th Century near Indonesia's Belitung Island.

So come on down to the Marina Bay Sands ArtScience Gallery, one of the greatest tourist spots in Singapore!

The address of Marina Bay Sands is 10 Bayfront Avenue 018956

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