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By: mckenwong on 19 Mar 2012
(Fuse) Hotel Atrium - Tower 2, (Avalon and Pangaea) Crystal Pavillions, Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore

(+65) 6688 8868

Operating Hours:
Avalon - Wed to Sun: 10pm till Sunrise, Pangaea - Wed, Fri, Sat: 10pm till Dawn, Fuse - 12pm to 3am


You've probably heard that Singapore is a city that never sleeps. That's largely true, thanks to the many nightspots and watering holes that dot the city. There's always bound to be a place where you can chill and hang out late into the night. With the arrival of Marina Bay Sands, there are even more such nightspots available. Check them out:

It's the brand name in Hollywood's clubbing scene, with an international reputation for providing an exceptional clubbing experience. Small wonder then that it's the preferred venue for after-award parties in Hollywood. Now that Avalon is in Singapore, clubbers can look forward to one of the best parties in town.

Owned by Mr Michael Ault, the 'international king of clubs', Pangaea is an established American 'Ultra Lounge' that has flourished in cities such as Miami, New York and London. Now in Asia for the first time, Pangaea will definitely go all out to pamper and delight with its sophisticated European 'bottleclub' style that's both classy and comfortable.

If you prefer something a little more tame, where you can enjoy conversations with relaxing music, Fuse is the place to be. With live entertainment such as jazz and contemporary music acts, you'll be put in the mood to chill, while sampling Fuse's signature cocktails, infused for days with fresh exotic fruits.

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