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Little India / Serangoon Road

By: mckenwong on 07 Dec 2011

Little India, the traditional 'home' of Singapore's Indian community, centres on Serangooon Road. Explore the bustling stalls and soak in the buzzing atmosphere as you shop for all things Indian, from kashmir silk to flower garlands, silver amulets and colourful bangles.

Keen to take home some souvenirs? Then visit the Chellas Gallery to get collectibles from Kashmir, such as paper-mache boxes. If time permits, you can get yourself an intricate henna tattoo that can last for weeks.

And if you're really adventurous, you could buy yourself a sari, the traditional costume of Indian women made popular recently by celebrities such as Madonna and Liz Hurley.

Serangoon Road is a short walk from the Little India MRT station on the purple North-East Line.

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