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Ann Siang Road

By: mckenwong on 07 Dec 2011

Ann Siang Road is a quaint little shopping area in Chinatown occupied by beautifully restored shophouses. Some of the buildings feature quirky interior design, while others have colourful murals hanging on the walls.

It has become a gathering place of sorts for arty Singaporeans, making it a great place to find random, quirky stuff to buy. At the Asylum, for example, you'd find products ranging from apparel to books and music CDs, set against an interior design dominated by a constantly changing wall mural.

If you're looking for high quality clothes, you can shop at the Fred Perry boutique or at Style: Nordic, which specialises in contemporary Scandinavian fashion.

Looking for fancy shoes, jeans and funky T-shirts? Then check out Smudge Store, which sells its own label, SMG. Besides streetwear, you'll also find collectibles such as toys and gadgets. For even more collectibles, head over to The Little Drom Store, which sells 'old-school' trinkets like hand-drawn postcards, table lamps and even vintage dresses.

And, finally, if you're looking for a quick bite, you can choose either the French cake shop The Patissier or Japanese cake shop K-Ki. For something a little bit more swanky, try out the new PS Cafe outlet, but be warned: It bars children on its premises.

How to get there
The nearest MRT stations are the ones at Tanjong Pagar and Chinatown. Ann Siang Road is less than 10 minutes from either station by foot.

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