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Marina Bay Sands Art Path

By: mckenwong on 19 Mar 2012
Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore

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The Marina Bay Sands Art Path is a collection of art installations designed to integrate seamlessly with the resort's architecture.

Consisting of 8 pieces of work contributed by 5 renowned artists, the works are large-scale installations designed to form a path through the resort - extending from the 23 storey atrium all the way to the exterior of the buildings.

One of the largest art commissions ever completed, the Art Path provides guests the opportunity to visually and physically experience world class large-scale installations at a single destination.

The art installations are:

Drift by Antony Gormley
Location: Hotel Tower 1 Atrium

A massive 3-dimensional stainless steel matrix, this polyhedral structure consists of 16,100 steel rods and more than 8,320 steel nodes. Drift is a suspended installation, which required 60 workers of diverse expertise to assemble in the atrium, from engineers to welders. The geometry of this work was generated using a process created by engineer Tristan Simmonds.

Rising Forest by Chongbin Zheng
Location: Hotel Atrium

Occupying approximately 4,000 square metres, Rising Forest is a ceramic sculpture composing 83 glazed stone-ware ceramic vessels, with each of them weighing an astounding 1,200 kilograms and measuring 3 metres tall. Each vessel will hold a tree, creating a 'canopy' of trees canvassing the Hotel Atrium.

Blue Reflection Facade with Light Entry Passage by James Carpenter
Location: Upper and Lower Casino Podium Wall (exterior)

This is a luminous and reflective piece of work, consisting over 280 unique steel and glass fins vertically suspended in front of a metal panel facade. Visitors experience the constant change of light reflected by the installation, as day changes to night.

Wind Arbor by Ned Khan
Location: Hotel Atrium (exterior)

The largest and most visible piece of the Art Path, this shimmering installation of 260,000 aluminum metal 'flappers' cover the entire western facade of the Hotel Atrium. Covering 6,800 square metres - the surface area of five and a half Olympic-sized swimming pools, the flappers are mounted on hinges and hung from steel cables, given free reign to move freely according to how the wind moves.

Rain Oculus by Ned Khan
Location: Waterfront Promenade / Retail Mall

Located at the intersection of the retail mall, the Rain Oculus is a large acrylic and stainless steel structure which creates a dynamic whirlpool motion - with water falling through the Oculus' hole from two storeys high. Water flows at a rate of 6,000 gallons per minute through the Oculus, which is vital as water is the art medium creating the sculptural effect in this installation.

Tipping Wall by Ned Khan
Location: Hotel Tower 3

Featuring 7,000 mechanical polycarbonate tipping water channels mounted on a glass reinforced concrete wall, this installation is located at the cooling tower adjacent to the southern end of the hotel. Water running down the wall will animate the tipping channels, causing them to tilt either left or right . A catchment area below will re-circulate the water to the distribution trough.

Wall Drawing #917, Arcs, Circle and Irregular bands, 1999 by Sol LeWitt
Location: Hotel Tower 1 Reception

The late Sol LeWitt believed in two things: that the idea was the artwork, and someone else other than the artist could execute the art - and it would still be the work of the artist. The bold and colourful geometrical art work of #917 was done by 2 artists from the Lewitt Estate, Takeshi Arita and Gabriel Hurier, assisted by a select group of 4 local artists. The wall drawings painstakingly follow the directions of Mr LeWitt, measuring 4.34 by 20.32 metres.

There will be another Sol Le Witt wall drawing - #915, Arcs, Circle and Irregular bands, located at the underground pedestrian network connecting Marina Bay Sands to Bayfront MRT Station.

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