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By: mckenwong on 11 Apr 2011
Opening hours in Singapore may be very different from what you're used to. The shops here tend to open till late, and the partying at some night spots can last till 3am in the morning.

Shopping hours
Most shops here usually open at around 10am or 11am. Major shopping malls are usually up and running by 11am even though the crowds are still thin at this hour. So, if you'd like to shop without being swamped by throngs of shoppers, 11am to 12pm is probably your best window, as the lunch-hour crowd will start appearing after 12pm.

While most department stores and shops close at between 9pm or 10pm, some may open till as late as midnight, especially during the Great Singapore Sale, an annual shopping festival in the Orchard Road area, typically held in June.

There are a number of 24-hour retail outlets scattered around the city, like the ubiquitous 7-Eleven convenience stores. If you want even more round-the-clock shopping, head down to Mustafa Centre in Serangoon Road.

Restaurants and food courts
The various stalls in food courts, coffee shops and hawker centres typically open at around 10am or 11am, just before lunch time. Some of these eateries may be open 24 hours a day, especially those around popular night spots. Most however, are closed by around 9pm or 10pm.

Restaurants, in contrast, tend to have shorter opening hours, usually in two periods: from noon to 2.30pm and from 6pm to 11pm.

Cafe chains such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean are usually open till as late as 1am.

From Sundays to Thursdays, most bars and clubs typically open at around 5pm, and close between 1am and 2am. On Fridays and Saturdays, the opening hours are extended to 3am, to cater to peak weekend crowds.

Bear in mind, though, that in most clubs, the best music and partying usually start at 11pm or later, so it's best to enjoy a good meal at a restaurant before hitting the dance floors.

Business hours
Government offices in Singapore are usually open from Mondays to Fridays. Some are open on Saturday mornings as well. The working day starts between 7.30am and 9.30am, and ends between 4pm and 6pm. The closing time for Saturdays are usually between 11.30am and 1pm.

Banks have typically shorter operating hours. They are open from 9.30am to 3pm on weekdays. Some banks may open on Saturdays but, if they do, they usually close at around 11.30am.

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