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By: mckenwong on 11 Apr 2011
The Singapore Green Plan (SGP) 2012 is a 10-year Government blueprint for environmental sustainability. Launched in 2002, it focuses on maintaining clean air and fighting climate change, making water and waste management more efficient, improving public health, conserving nature, and enhancing international environmental relations.

However, efforts such as introducing recycling as a habit and buying hybrid cars were initially slow to take off. Incentives for people to use environmental friendly cars were almost non-existent, and the majority of Singapore's population was and still is keen on using plastic bags. There are also uncontrollable environmental issues, such as the haze which pose many health risks to Singaporeans. Caused by burning plantations in neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, this reflects the environmentally vulnerable position of this island state in the region.

In 2005, Focus Groups were formed to undertake a three-yearly review of the SGP 2012. New targets and action plans were added in order to continue maintaining and improving efforts made in the past years. In order for Singapore to continue achieving sustainable development for future decades and beyond, the Inter-Ministerial Committee on Sustainable Development (IMCSD) was set up in January 2008. To further complement the SGP 2012, the Sustainable Blueprint was launched by the IMCSD in April 2009. It sets out the national framework and strategy for Singapore’s sustainable development for the next two decades until 2030.

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