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World Gourmet Summit

By: deliatoh on 12 Mar 2013
The World Gourmet Summit (WGS) is an internationally acclaimed event in celebration of fine culinary skills and establishments. Co-organised by the Singapore Tourism Board and Peter Knipp Holdings Pte Ltd, WGS is pivotal in helping Singapore get recognised as one of the world's top gourmet destinations in Asia, as well as in celebrating Singapore's rich and dynamic culture which contributes to Singapore's large variety of local cuisines.

To international chefs, the WGS also serves as a platform for them to gather annually to exchange ideas, views and insights on dining and culinary skills. Food and beverage preparation, as well as a variety of workshops, is organised to allow chefs to hone their skills and gain valuable knowledge. Chefs are also given the opportunity to challenge themselves in the presence of gourmet enthusiasts.

This year, the World Gourmet Summit 2012 will once again bring together hundreds of people who believe in the importance of affirming Singapore's 16 years of gastronomic excellence. The 12-day spectacle, held from 23 April to 03 May 2012, will take the theme of 'A Heritage of Flavours', paying homage to a tradition of tastes from across the globe while celebrating contemporary culinary methods and techniques. World-leading chefs will create the finest dishes, accompanied by fine wines, that most effectively brings out the luxurious tastes and diverse food cultures around the world. Events will be hosted at Singapore’s top heritage sites including the historical Alkaff Mansion, Hotel Fort Canning and National Museum of Singapore.

As part of the WGS 2012, exciting programmes have been lined up for guests to experience the best of world cuisine and the finest dining opportunities. For a start, headlining the cast of culinary luminaries is British celebrity chef Marco Pierre White. As Knorr Brand Ambassador and the celebrity chef of this year’s gastronomic extravaganza, Marco Pierre White will present his peerless cuisine at the Marco Pierre White Celebrity Chef Dinner on 27 April at the Grand Hyatt Singapore. Marco Pierre White will also present a course at the World Gourmet Summit Charity Dinner on 25 April.

Guests will also be able to get up-close and personal culinary experiences with celebrity haute cuisine chef Anatoly Komm, second Michelin-star Dani García and Fergus Henderson (currently one of United Kingdom's most influential chefs). Other Michelin star-rated chefs from China, the UK, US, Australia and Italy will also join the event. There will also be opportunities for wine-lovers to taste the best brews from distinguished estates worldwide such as France's Château Latour, known for its utmost pinnacle of wine excellence.

Guests will definitely be in for a big treat of the world's greatest culinary masterpieces at the World Gourmet Summit 2012. The event will also allow the delights of local cuisine to be promoted on an international platform, while guests will also be exposed to the different varieties of foreign cuisine and the vibrant cultures that they reflect. At the same time, guests will also recognise the hard work that has allowed Singapore to be placed on the world map for culinary excellence.

Get ready to be part of Singapore's ultimate sensorial experience at this year's World Gourmet Summit 2012!

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World Gourmet Summit 2012 will take place from 16 April to 26 April in 2013.

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